2018 the year of ‘get out of the boat’

2018 the year of ‘get out of the boat’


Step out of the boat and your comfort zone


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That’s right, just step out of the boat. Don’t contemplate the wind or waves, don’t try to understand, don’t even think…just take the step and figure the rest out as you go along. That is FAITH.

The 1st of January 2018 is the beginning of a shakeup like we’ve never seen before. It will be the year of leaving the past behind and thinking no longer in the old patterns of life. You will be undoubtedly confronted with a serious question relating to your relationship with Jesus Christ, one that will pierce your heart and ask for an answer one way or another.

If you don’t make this choice by yourself then the circumstances around you will force you into it; He wants an answer. For most Christians, the vehicle of choice has been the tainted traditions and rituals of a comfortable religion; easy external works that do nothing to change the heart or build a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit.


But God is no longer interested in safety


God is bringing change and He is looking for those that love Him enough to step out of their boat and into their role. This boat has been a place of safety for far too long and if you want to move forward with God you will be pushed out of your comfort zone in every way. There is a price to the relationship and it’s time to start sowing into it or be excluded from His plans.

2018 is an awakening of the Spirit beyond all expectations and He’s going to be calling in on you to play your part. He will ask your permission ( because you are free will ) to begin a journey with Him into a revival that will last for generations after us. If you choose to take up this challenge then out of the boat you go.

From this change you will learn things religion could never teach you; it’s true that you will have to make hard decisions out in the elements but what you lose in one hand is a massive gain in another; the Holy Spirit Himself will walk you through it.


Don’t look for control expect dependency.


The wind and waves that come with a step of faith like this will test your desire to serve Him or not; the death of self is the result of each choice you have to make and you will begin to lose control over your own life the further out you go. The question is – do you want a relationship or do you want to continue in the religious old school that corrupts.

One thing is for sure – to survive out of the boat you need a whole new mindset, one that copes with discipleship hot off the press. From ( I know ) what I’m doing to ( I don’t know what the hell is happening ). You will learn to depend on Him to get through the day; constantly on the back foot trying to make sense of everything going on around you.

The good news is – getting out of the boat puts you on course to His favour beyond your own understanding, you know, the stuff you just can’t make up. It’s in this place that the miracles you need come to stamp His presence and deliver the next signpost. It’s in this place you learn to travel light because you find out what is important and what is not. It is in this place you learn ‘it’s not by power but by the spirit’.


The birth of a hero will cost you


2018 holds a lot of surprises both inside and outside the church. To continue the current path or outlook on life will prove to be a mistake that you will regret. Down is up builds the most unlikely hero in the kingdom of heaven, not the boastful kind but the fearless.

It’s not the power that you used in your life that makes one of Gods heroes, it’s the condition of your amour. How beaten up and scarred is the battle-tested heart, did you rely on Him to overcome? was you so far in over your head that if He hadn’t stepped in you were done for?  did you fight anyway and faced your fears?

Religion says unless you are prospering you are not being blessed. But some time out of the boat will show you otherwise, real success depends on Jesus not just acknowledge Him.


Get out of your boat 


God is doing something new. He’s building a new church, one that men or religion cannot touch. One that does not need tax rebates or shingles to hang their names. This church is in the heart. Tens of thousands of them equipped and ready to fight the darkness ever around them, just waiting for His instructions to walk out on nothing to get the job done.

It’s out of the boat revival comes.


Thanks for listening.



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