A tsunami of precision

A tsunami of precision

There will be no buildings destroyed or people killed in this tsunami, it is the beast and those that love him that suffer.


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For decades, a tidal wave has been building out of view and its purpose is to bring into the light that which has been hidden.

We are living in unprecedented times, never have we seen so much instability and uncertainty in religious, economic and government circles as we do today. The world is on a collision course with a global downturn on a massive scale and Australians will feel the brunt of its sting.

The luxury we have enjoyed the last twenty years will be wiped away in a moment because we let the greed for more put us into unprecedented debt and because of our choices this road will bring about its own judgment and we are helpless in stopping it. The lessons ahead will carry great pain for Christian and non-Christian alike.

The problem is though, the institution that should be warning us has been seduced by the very beast it was supposed to fight and now Christians will also be caught in the fallout. They too will be swept up by the coming tsunami.

The churches foundations have been compromised by lukewarm teaching and attitudes giving rise to the cracks now seen in its render; proof that religious control has led us astray making all that Christendom once stood for now vulnerable.


God is after the beast and those that love him.


A sovereign hand of correction is on its way to expose the beast and its influence on His people. For too long Christianity has been entrapped by its own lust for control and moved away from its mandate. The warning signs have been there for millennia but no one was listening – so if His words aren’t enough to turn the light on religion then this shakedown will certainly get the desired attention.

The enemy has cunningly offered shortcuts and handouts to religious organizations through tax concessions, complicated business deals, and ridiculous freebies to entice man’s ego into the spider’s web. Instead of working with God in the growth and prosperity of the Bride they made their own way putting themselves at the wheel to ensure their power.

Now, because of their ties to this economic beast, judgement has come and it’s the Church Leadership that will be brought to account for allowing it.


Discipleship, not religion is His choice


Discipleship means devoted followers to their master and if you are not prepared to look deeper than the counterfeit ( religion ) –  then you will not find Him. Discipleship is a summons to follow Jesus and he demands exclusive, complete, and unflinching obedience to Himself through the Holy Spirit. In short, it’s the death of self in the relationship that makes you His not the rules of men.

” The cross was an instrument of death and well known to the Jews. The suffering was intolerable. But Jesus says we are to take it up and follow him. This will, in the nature of the case, involve self-denial. The one who picked up the cross-beam of his cross was headed down a one-way street, never to return.”  ( Greg Herrick – Bible.org )

The enemy has been allowed to drive religious mindsets into the core of today’s church and now it has become the stumbling block for the heart that seeks Him, a refusal to let them pass without their influence puts the leadership on dangerous ground and, although they would deny such a thing was possible, the coming tsunami will sweep through their institution and sort the chaff from the wheat.


It’s time to move on


The only way forward out of this turmoil is to get serious about our walk with God and take the Holy Spirit to a new level in our daily lives. It is new and for some it’s scary but there is no reward for safe, you will have to trust Him and jump off that cliff.

To set the scene there is a shift in the spirit realm happening right now and the hungry will have their fill – but only because they are hungry; it’s one of those things that defy logic and yet make all the sense in the world…go figure only the frustrated heart can let go of the old and recklessly take on the new.

To walk in the Spirit is like walking by braille and this is exactly what you need to do; it will take time to do this but the Holy Spirit is all in to teach you how, unfortunately, there is no other rescue than this.

So it’s time to move on believer, it’s time to follow the thin red line into the world of anything is possible, it’s time to believe what He says simply because He said so. Faith has become a cliché with no price to the user and so the expectations are low, this is all about to change.

If we don’t make these changes now the bride won’t be ready for the battle in the end times and that is not negotiable.


Thanks for listening.


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