Hello, my name is Tony I’m 5o something years old. I’m married with three children and have a rescue dog named Zala. For most of my life, I have made a living in the building industry until one morning in 2013 all I knew was taken away through a stroke and the following year a workplace head injury. We lost everything and the life I had known suddenly halted; I was dumped in a world without identity, purpose or hope.

I plummeted into what I believe God calls, the valley of bones, and for years I wrestled with God to find myself and the way out of depression and self-doubt. In my time of wandering this deserted place He showed me that religion was unable to rescue you, He affirmed there was no substance in the traditions of men, instead, I learnt to hear His voice and that enabled me to find my way back to Him. 

Sinse then our relationship has grown and now I can see that  Ezekiel 37:1-10  The Valley Of Bones, is the place where He grows a new kind of believer, one that knows His voice above the sound of the world and is willing to fight, not run, in the heat of battle.

This place has dramatically changed my life and my families. We see things very differently now and to tell you the truth I am grateful for the harrowing years that pushed us in. God has been faithful to us in times when we thought the pain was too much, He lead us through when we had no idea where we were. 

For many years I wrote in my journal but in late 2014 I began this Blog because I realised that the valley of bones has many visitors for one reason or another and those that trek this road less travelled need somewhere to learn and feel they belong. A place of safety where you can laugh and cry, where we can help and support each other through the painful days and the exciting days. There are many tired and hungry that wander aimlessly in the valley looking for answers, you may feel like you have been overlooked and forgotten but those that survive its terror are a band of overcomers that knows the pain of being rewired. You are not alone, you have a purpose and a gift that we all need to see once you leave that place of training.

I hope you find comfort here, if I don’t make sense sometimes I apologise, I’ve had a stroke and I’m not all here… he he he, but I love God and I love His people and it’s written from the heart. I hope you are as encouraged as I am to hear of the courageous souls that have overcome the valley and walk among us. We are all different and what you think is important, so join the conversation and work together to find a way forward. If you’re angry or frustrated that’s ok, it’s all part of the mix that He works in you to bring change. There is no right or wrong here only the appreciation of what you’re going through and the desire to help you find your way out.Surviving the valley of bones

Everyone has a story to tell so if you want to share something or you are looking for answers I encourage you to write and say how you feel. You are unique and your experiences can inspire others to great things.


It’s fantastic to meet you