Why are Christians so afraid of getting close to God?

Why are Christians so afraid of getting close to God?


You may think that this a stupid comment to make but I assure you that it is far worse than it sounds.


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I have seen it many times; God speaks directly to the heart and instead of considering what He is saying and putting these insights to work on the ground they run and go silent.

Two worlds exist in the church today and the balance leans heavily towards the selfish side. It is true to say that Jesus is lifted high, both in scripture and song, but that’s where the fire ends and no one wants to know any different. It’s as if at all costs the truth is not allowed to humble or overthrow the inward man that fights and struggles against the Holy Spirit.

Christianity has made a safe haven for itself and even God cannot get in there and turn the lights on to show how far the truth has been buried. Instead of facing the truth they hide and twist it to make a more palatable suggestion – taking away the offence for change that the human condition must have if it wants to progress into the deeper, more mature things of the Spirit.

The problem is, this splinter is so small that the majority of the Christian world cannot see it and would be offended at the suggestion that they have missed something, but I assure you it is there and it is causing a mountain of trouble for the body. What is supposed to be a fire that burns away the dross has now been dwindled down to a flickering flame that only lights enough to see the obvious.

Christians are afraid of what God may ask them to do.

When Moses stood in front of the burning bush do you think he was excited about Gods idea of going back to Egypt? If he was to be obedient and go back he would have to face all kinds of unfinished, deep-rooted issues he left behind him long ago. God knew the pain and anguish he would face there but sent him anyway. The question I ask is why?

To Moses’ credit, he didn’t run away and although he didn’t want to do it – he bowed his knee and said yes Lord I will go. What a courageous moment in his life, what a horrendous obstacle he had to climb before he could see his people free again. Could you imagine how different the Bible would be if he didn’t? 

But for Moses to finish such a mammoth task, he had to conquer himself first and God knew just how to shape him into that leader He needed; as his obedience unfolded his thinking began to change and so did his relationship with God. All of this work took place in the heart – below the surface where spirit meets the man and choices are made.

Religion makes you hold onto things whereas God pushes you to let go 

I have come to the conclusion that Christians are afraid of God because religion has made them too comfortable and selfish, they are scared to get too close to Him because He may ask them to do something they don’t want to do. Religion makes you hold onto things whereas God pushes you to let things go; Two very different approaches under the same banner with equally two very different results.

Why are Christians afraid of God? 

Because He brings chaos to their perfect Utopia, no fire needed here only love and praise. If Moses walked out of Egypt without the right heart the desert would have killed them all, he would have missed the training that ultimately saved their lives.

If the body misses the badly needed training then the coming pain will steal many people’s faith. How are you going to withstand the blows if you have no courage and strength to keep you at his side. What do you suppose happened to the virgins that ran out of oil?

Stop being afraid of what you can loose and start thinking about what you have already missed.

It’s not too late 


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