Gods love has been stolen

Gods love has been stolen

‘Religion’ has stolen Gods love and holds the bride to ransom.


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There is a thief among us and still, no one has noticed the broken glass on the ground. He took what was set apart to revive and heal and put something else in its place. It was nothing big or obvious, just a tiny thing but it’s enough to change the outcome to the original plan.


You will be hard pressed to track it down on your own, it’s well hidden. You need the eyes and ears of the spirit to pinpoint this thief and what he’s taken. It is in the scriptures though; Jesus came across it many times.

The opposition that does the most damage is not always the one that looks bad. Jesus was attacked the majority of the time by those that the people would have expected to love Him, yet He was continually forced to explain Himself to the religious leaders of the time. 

Religion has distorted what love is

Religious people are never creative on their own, they always borrow the hard work that cost others and changes it to suit themselves. It has become a political tool of half-truths to persuade the mind of the masses. What was intended to liberate the heart has been tampered with and now rests in the hands of Pharisees and they have an agenda of their own.

We are living a time in history where the truth is altered to sound more acceptable and one of the greatest lies they have is the understanding of Gods love. Instead of walking in the light, which Christ brought, we are encouraged to believe it no longer matters, and so it’s power is no longer offensive. The truth has been hidden behind a deceptive veil that says God is only loving and He doesn’t rebuke or discipline anymore. 

Instead of speaking the truth to expose the heart they bury its true intent by distorting what love is looking for. Jesus said that He only does what He hears the Father say, so love is mirrored in what Jesus did. His death on the cross didn’t cover up sin but exposes it to the light by showing the way out of it.

Jesus came in love to shed light and speak the truth 

 Therefore, there is no condemnation to those that accept this love, we have been found in sin and it’s the light that exposes this condition of the heart not cover it over; a religious love keeps them from His love by not putting light on what is hidden.

No doubt you will face stiff opposition in this very well hidden fact. If you want to love, then speak the truth and show the way forward…in the cross. The body of Christ cannot afford to hide from that which holds us back from Him. Jesus only did what was right and just according to the Fathers will but the religious were only interested in keeping the power they already had.

This same conflict is about to happen again because today’s church is in the same frame of mind; meanwhile, the bride of Christ is held to ransom by a self-appointed authority with no answers to the coming drought and unfortunately, the sheep still believe them.

Unless the light shines and the truth is spoken then Gods love, which is the answer to sin, has no way of changing the heart of the hearer. The same is said of the body that is already washed in the blood – if we cannot accept His discipline and at times rebuke then the truth does not live in us.

Why?…because we reject it.


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