Why the Holy Spirit.

Why the Holy Spirit.

Because despite our best efforts, we don’t know what we’re doing.


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We will never fully understand Gods plans because they are too big to comprehend. The splinter of truth we think we have is not enough to do what is right before God.


If you have accepted His salvation and Jesus is your Lord then God has a plan for your future. The way forward from here, however, is a two sided coin that depends on your willingness to surrender to His way of doing things. One side of the coin is belonging and the other is personal responsibility.

It’s great to be with like minded people and encouraged in a community setting but the real work is not done in a church, you are now the focus of His attention and it’s in you the work begins. This is a complicated and heart felt operation that requires a surgical blade too fine for the natural eye. Religion has tried for centuries to work inside this gap and has failed miserably.

There is only one way to connect into the life blood between the two sides of that coin and His name is the Holy Spirit. 

The day of Pentecost was the second most important day in our salvation plan, why? because the only way we can finish our race is to enlist into the power of the Holy Spirit that was sent from heaven to do it. We cannot possibly do what’s required on our own, you have to consider everything He uses to grow and stretch us.

For example

# Circumstances that are out of our control.

# Other people that can influence our thinking.

# Dreams, visions, and scripture.

# The understanding you gain by overcoming.

# He helps us see what we cannot.


To name just a few.

We become far more in His hands than you can possibly imagine

You are a unique part of the body of Christ and His sole purpose in our lives is to rewire us and help us do what we have been called to do. No one can change a life like the Holy Spirit can; over time He will shatter you and put you back together again until you become the shape needed to fit in the body.

The shattering is the part that cuts deep and at times the spinning top, which is you, remains out of balance until you have overcome the circumstances around you. The good news is, every time you go through this process you gain wisdom and understanding…priceless jewels not easily found that make you far more than you could on your own.

Why the Holy Spirit?

Because He is the heart, mind, and power of God. We are the individual parts of a large body and the best we can do is get self out of the way and surrender to His plan.



Thanks for listening.


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