It’s nothing personal

It’s nothing personal

To be objective is our best defence – it’s nothing personal


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If there was one thing I could say that would prepare someone to follow Christ it would be ” the truth can be harsh but it’s nothing personal. “


Everything Jesus spoke about was towards the heart of man and He made no apologies for it, however, His intention is to present you with a choice it is not a personal attack. To reveal the intent of the heart can make you unpopular indeed but only the people that hide get offended.

The truth needs no help to explain His case, you cannot break Him down any further than what He is. There are no boundaries or restrictions on where He can go either, to think the truth belongs to religious circles only is arrogant and condescending, to say the least.

At times His light can be extremely uncomfortable and quite brutal but only because we continue to deceive ourselves. The greatest lies are found in His counterfeit religion; everything about God and His intentions is twisted to push us further out into the grey so we don’t know how to get back to Him.

From pure instinct, we do the best we can to survive within the boundaries of our conscience and yet we continually hide by using a reset button in our mind that makes all kinds of excuses for our actions. To apply what Jesus said to our lives would change everything if we allowed Him in but the truth is never our first choice.

The problem is, man is ruled by emotions to a fault so we skirt the edges using whatever we think is fair hoping that will be enough to be successful in life. Unfortunately, the truth, if you would stop to consider Him, has no other agenda but to peel back all the smoke and mirrors you use to show where you really stand.


The death of self is the only door that lets truth in


Many times I have listened to Christians talk about their lives or relationship with God and the problem is always the same; an invisible line exists between us and the reality of our situation, it is so well hidden it stares us right in the face – eyeball to eyeball – yet we walk right past it oblivious to the damage it causes.

Christians are the worst offenders because they say they know the light. What they don’t realise is they have one foot on either side of this line and that puts them in a very precarious position called lukewarm.

Nothing can prepare you for the answer to this, only to be objective and have the courage to face yourself will suffice. Salvation is free but a relationship is absolutely not free; you are required to become an open book to the Spirit of Truth so He can manoeuvre you towards the plan God has for your life.

It’s nothing personal, no matter who you are the death of self is the only door that lets the truth in to make this real, however, this decision is entirely up to you because of free will….choice.


The trickery of offence is all about self


The beast that the bible talks about has many other names today and he too is right under our nose. Names like religion – political correctness – world economy – free enterprise – sexual orientation – vaccination, the list goes on and on. Everything about him is focussed on control and he does that by creating the illusion that we all have the right to put self first.

His plan is to lead you further and further into slavery and eventually your right to choose will disappear because the world is going to be so screwed up things will have to change. The coming global economic disaster is just the beginning of a state of martial law, ( all in the name of protecting us of course ), that will push us out of the frying pan into the fire.

Opinion and offence are very potent weapons used to keep people off-balance so their eyes stay away from the cause and focus firmly on the effects instead. If you allow the truth to open your eyes you can clearly see the trickery of offence and how it fans the fire of self.


To be objective is our best defence


Despite what you think, believer or not, God isn’t trying to make a religious nut out of you He’s trying to insert a reality that leads to your spiritual and emotional freedom. The world is a dark place that rejects the light for fear of discovery – so the question Jesus poses isn’t a religious one it is a personal plea to give Him a chance to show you a better way to live.

You will never find your way through without the help of Holy Spirit and if you stop for a moment to consider His proposal objectively, without the illusion that religion puts in your face, the truth can say something you might actually agree with. To be offended is like kryptonite to Superman, you’re crippled by the rage of self and lose sight of the door that sets you free.

If you allow yourself to be objective you cut off the meltdown switch and actually consider what is said. The truth cannot share the path with self without some pain so it is up to you to make that decision to push through and give Him a chance.



Jesus stands for freedom; from the beast that runs this world and the lies men use to keep their power. We came from God and we will go back to God but you cannot serve two masters, either you serve yourself or you serve Him. To find out whom you serve bitter pills will be swallowed because the truth is never our first choice. Therefore, painful decisions and awkward conversations must be heard with honesty and humility.

To be fair religion has done us no favours in explaining God, it is riddled with selfish ambition and false idols. No wonder people are turned off by the mere mention of His name.

But let me assure you that HE is not going to take this laying down – the truth is coming and He brings the anointing as proof with Him; but you have to understand that what He says is nothing personal, it is the removal of the lies, smoke and mirrors that we all prefer to look through.


Thanks for listening


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