Own your faith

Own your faith

Hold onto the rock, even if it’s by your fingertips…don’t let go, you have to own your faith.

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The time has come. You are about to be pushed out of the nest and if you don’t know how to fly you’re going to hit the ground…hard.

Until now the church has been in a holding pattern. Around and around you have wandered trying to find your way to the next place but this has not been allowed because your destination is still unknown to you. Where you think you should be heading is not the same plan God has designed for you.

In your mind, you believe you have blazed a trail before the Lord in pursuit of truth, however, in the heart you have chosen a watered down version so ‘you ‘ are not burnt by His fire.

Can the basket change what it carries or can it only deliver what is given

Christians around the world have failed to keep the message pure. It is littered with personalities and watered down to enable people to feel comfortable about their refusal to enter the covenant of blood. The contract that God demands you enter to receive His covering cost Him dearly, and yet, Christendom has found a way around the price we all must ultimately pay ourselves.

It seems to me these days that a negative word from God is not welcomed. But what IS a good word? What represents a good or even welcomed word anyway? Are we judge and jury or should we step back and allow the spirit of truth to do that whether we like it or not?

Jesus was the first…the first son of mankind that has a legal relationship with the Father through His own sacrifice, His own flesh and blood. The last sacrifice paid in full to satisfy the sin ever before God and man; and what have we done with it?

The basket has taken the fruit and during the journey swapped it for something else before it was delivered. A dishonourable misuse of trust that will not be unchallenged. 


” This is what the Lord of Hosts says

Until now I have been silent in your rebellion against me. I have called from afar hoping you will hear me but the hardness of your heart has closed your ears. I will no longer be silent, I will no longer allow you the freedom to lead my bride astray.

In my patience and grace, I let you find the truth so you can own its reward but what was once your blessing will now be your chastening. I am taking you where you do not want to go and I will make you face the road you have desired to avoid. In this season your crops will fail and the towers you have built will crumble and fall. 

You will cry out to me but I will not hear you as you did not hear me, you will weep for me as I wept for you. When I am done and my anger has subsided I will send word to you of my restoration towards you. “


You will have to walk away from Him if you do not want to drink from this cup


You may well ask is this the end but the truth of it is…’it is just the beginning’. We, as Christians of faith, are about to know how to own your faith and learn what it is used for. The comfortable table and chair you once sat on will be replaced with bended knee and tears.

You will have to walk away from Him if you do not want to drink from this cup, you will have to sever the relationship to avoid this pain. Every man or woman starts from the same place, we all fall short, but the issue here is not about who’s worthy but who dares to own their faith and share in the sacrifice of the covenant. Who dares to walk the road He places before us, who dares to follow Him into this wilderness to grow.


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