Valley of forgotten

Valley of forgotten

Tools for surviving the pain in the Valley of Bones.

No doubt when I say the words valley of bones you conjure an image of Ezekiel’s dry deserted valley full of discarded bones. Well, this is exactly where the forgotten come from, except they’re not physically dead they are living through God’s re-education process. The men and women that come from this place are the people that want to understand more about the truth and if you have your sights beyond the religious repartition of today then you will surely visit this place.

The valley of forgotten are the people birthed in the valley of bones.

Tools for surviving the desert
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Not a nice place by any means; here you get the tools for surviving the desert and learn the truth about God and yourself in a manner that only the Holy Spirit can deliver, and when you’ve been there you will not forget it anytime soon. No one knows how to get there specifically only that it exists in a place of the heart and mind that makes you who you are. In that realm He does His best work; you know you’re there because nothing seems to work and you take hit after hit but it’s not until you came out the other side that you know why. For me, it was the debilitating a stroke and it lasted years.

Anything can land you in the valley of forgotten

My example though is an extreme case; you may visit there during a bad relationship or sickness, the anger and frustration of an opportunity missed or the struggle with addiction. Anything can land you with the valley of forgotten where you are rewired to comprehend and discover the deeper more challenging thoughts about yourself and the role of truth in your life.

These lessons are not easy to learn because the Holy Spirit’s meticulous pruning will burst the bubble on all kinds of concepts and thoughts you hold and replace them with something you would never have seen if it weren’t for the time in the heat of this deserted place. The moments in your life when the light bulb over your head comes on and you sigh with an ‘ah-ha!’  

Slowly, according to what He feels you need, you are introduced to another unexpected world of insight that takes a while to get used to.


Valley of forgotten
Waiting to live again.


However, before you go praying for God to show you this place I must warn you of the downside of walking in it. There is an unsaid catch to this kind of life that is implied to the student of the Bible but seldom preached. When your mind is renewed an exchange of thought occurs that only happens when the veils that cloud your understanding are removed. Small, two-degree shifts of thinking that leads you to a pandora’s box of other inspired truths and irreversibly change the way you think and see the world.

That is, the Holy Spirit opens your eyes to see things you were once oblivious to because the valley burnt the illusion away. Everyone is different and so is the experience Jesus uses to shape you while you’re there. Once a veil is removed there’s no going back – what you see will be with you forever, your growth remains and you cannot undo it.

The thing is, with depth comes knowledge and with knowledge comes responsibility, you become accountable for what God shows you in that moment of awareness. It could be a calling on your life, a correction that needs your attention before you can move forward, it may be a religious habit that stops you going to a new place He wants you to see.

One thing is for sure He does not condone a stagnant heart and sometimes strong measures are required to get your attention. There’s a price for walking in the spirit and, in my experience, the real fruit comes from spending time with the valley of forgotten.

Religion is the happy place in the middle where you get to feel all the nice things about worship, community and fellowship. But none of that is designed to change you – it’s there to support you while you experience the harder things.

Ahead of us are some very testing times.

Some of you will loose everything, others will find themselves in real trouble on many fronts. We have lived an unprecedented era of wealth and comfort through a system that encouraged us to use debt to acquire it; now we are going to pay for this lack of wisdom through a massive downturn and it will affect every country around the globe.

A mass entrance into the valley of bones is coming and this site is designed to help you through it. The projection down is not because you are evil, it is a sift that God is using to open your eyes to the state of your heart and educate you on the difference between religion and relationship, that’s all.

The current status quo has let us off the hook in the area of responsibility that comes with any relationship. All I can say is if you want to find the truth then get ready to face it, this journey is about you and your concept of Him. We have spent centuries distorting and cultivating a religious ideal that does nothing but makes us comfortable in our apathy. Most won’t see it, but those that are His, will and they are heading for the valley of bones to learn why.


One thing is for sure, your journey to the valley is not the end it is only the beginning and you are definitely not alone, there are many that will visit this place with you. Our Father will equip you with the tools for surviving the desert and make your weaknesses your strengths – He will build a heart of maturity and purpose, one that has no room for religion only intimacy. 

So remember no matter what you’re going through 

You are not forgotten because the educated know where you’ve been.


Thanks for listening