Walking with the holy spirit

Walking with the holy spirit

He is not a religious idea and certainly not out of reach to anyone.

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Whenever I talk to people I listen to the heart and in most cases, their problems or frustrations are not what they think, the real issue is they are driving in the dark without headlights.

Religion has done us no favours when it comes to explaining God to the world. To tell you the truth I think God is nothing like how He is represented and this especially goes for the Holy Spirit. 

He will interact with you in many ways and there are no boundaries that restrict Him from doing this – He knows everything about you and all He wants to do is help you live your life to your fullest potential; God has a plan for all of us, but to do it without the Holy Spirit is a really dumb idea, in fact, its impossible.


He puts you at the top of your game


Would you like to fly to somewhere around the world without a navigation system in the cockpit? The answer is NO right? Well, that’s what you’re trying to do if you leave Him out of your life. He is constantly working in and around you to make God a reality to you, not just a religious ideal.

I hear it all the time – Christians of all walks, shapes and sizes living in a tattered and torn relationship simply because they are trying to do it alone. He makes God real in your day and puts you at the top of your game. Yes, that’s right He makes that much of a difference and He wants to relate to you…your personality. I’ll give you an example.

Some months ago I was driving to work and felt something next to me in the passenger front seat. Instantly in my mind’s eye, I saw a white figure, I knew straight away who it was. He had His hands in His lap and was rolling His thumbs around each other in a circular motion. He looked at me and I looked at Him and He flicked His head back slightly and said ” sup ” meaning what’s happening, just like I say from time to time. I laughed out loud in amazement and shock all at once.


The Holy Spirit is actually one cool dude


He meets you where you are and shows Himself in how you see Him, I don’t know about you but I think that is so cool – that God wants to be that personal to us…that relatable. In my experience, there is nothing religious about Him at all and He likes to hang out with you. When I told my wife what happened that morning I used the term ‘ glowy ‘ to describe Him and we were amazed that He wants to do such a thing with us, with anyone that wants to know Him.

To prove that He rejects anything religion, later that week I asked Him if I was being disrespectful by calling Him glowy and He replied  ” No I love it, in fact, I urge you to be as far removed from religion as you dare. ” Not an answer I was expecting but there you have it ( God and religion – north and south poles ). The point I want to make is just like the picture of the candle above some of what you have heard about God is not true. Religion has painted from the opposite pole. He is everything personal – just as you would relate to someone in your life that you love dearly…so is God.

If you want more all you have to do is ask. You will never come across anything more way out there or exciting than His spirit and if your walk is lacking you need to start talking today. He is everything but dull and can turn your world upside down.


Thanks for listening.


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